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Zenity, the first and only governance and security platform for low-code/no-code applications, creates a win-win environment where IT and information security can give business and pro developers the freedom and independence they want in order to continue pushing their business forward while retaining full visibility and control. Low-code/no-code development has experienced rapid adoption, but until now, governance and security tools for these modern business applications have lagged behind, leaving organizations flying blind when it came to monitoring and securing this new development pipeline. With the visibility and control afforded by Zenity, CIOs, CISOs and other stakeholders are able to securely open up new development channels, becoming powerful business enablers and key figures in the business growth process. With Zenity, these professionals are empowered to work together with low-code/no-code business-led development initiatives, moving the business forward securely by pinpointing vulnerabilities, enforcing security policies, and easily prioritizing and initiating automated remediation processes. Organizations that use low-code/no-code platforms to build modern business applications and new customer experiences can now enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge development practices while avoiding the drawbacks. Zenity’s team has extensive cyber security experience, spanning from startups and elite Israeli intelligence units to key positions in the Microsoft cloud cybersecurity organizations. Zenity prides itself on a diverse and inclusive organizational culture, which it believes is critical to the successful building of a thriving company.

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